MAGIA, by Lelen Ruete


Inspired by the figure of Marie Laveau, the vodoo queen of New Orleans who wore a pet viper, "Magia" speaks of wonder, mystery, power, lust and seduction from a suggestive but indirect perspective, calling to pause and contemplate the magic of the plant.


In this exhibition, Lelen Ruete talks about female power by representing Marie Laveau, Seshat, and today's woman as modern witch. The plant is presented as a magical tool, and together, the images tell a story of power, seduction, majesty, connection and inspiration.


Since 2018 Lelen Ruete has dedicated herself to portraying cannabis plants, telling their stories and raising issues related to them. She is a photographer, producer and artist and always seeks to create works of great visual impact.


With the curatorship of Daniela Laporta, the exhibition brings together 22 photographic works of different sizes and formats.

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